Turkey Hangover

Thank god K created this site, where else can I ramble to my hearts content. It was the dreaded day after Thanksgiving, a chance for us to to check the pulse of capitalist USA on THE shopping day of the year. K and I has sworn to avoid any possible site of mayhem, and considering a WalMart employee was trampled to death this morning, perhaps our economy is going to gasp for breath. Or maybe people are just idiots.

We ended up buying something today anyway, a Christmas gift for my hard-to-shop-for mother. So yes, we did our civic duty. Then, loaded with caffeine from CB and leftover turkey, we headed to the tennis courts. Anyone who is reading this will know how big of a step this was for K after her accident last March, but she played better then she has ever played before.

I currently doing what I can to avoid writing my data proposal, which I need to finish this weekend. Due to more red tape with the calorie project, I will not be going up to Seattle on Monday which is both good and bad, since it will just be postponed for a few days. I always feel that each year we try to cram more and more in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all the while having soft Christmas music (which K is currently playing) serenade us as we slowly lose our minds.

Brain and Donut are out of town so I (unfortunately) have less people to distract me than usual. Although to give her credit, K has been doing a pretty good job of it since her Masters exam. Maybe I’ll take a break and eat more pie. Till later.

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3 Responses to Turkey Hangover

  1. Sally says:

    Bryan, how's the stomach after all the pie??SR&BB

  2. u says:

    OH MY GOD, am I Brain? With that plus the fact that you are blogging now… Well, it’s a good thing there is no charge for awesomeness. (or attractiveness.)

  3. B says:

    but hanging out would have to wait….

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