Maybe if I’m very, very good…

So B informed me tonight when he got back from Seattle that it was less than three weeks until Christmas. This has sent me into list-making mode, because Christmas is the busiest season for academics, as well as Santa. All those seminar papers to write, undergraduate finals to grade, presents to buy, surgery to have, what’s a girl to do?

My ingenious plan is to ignore most of it. I have one paper turned in, and one more to finish and then my job as student is over for a few days. Thank goodness because next term promises to be wild, so I need a little time to recharge my batteries. My job as merciless grader of undergrads doesn’t start until the 20th, so that can also be ignored for now. My present list is about half-way filled out. I’m quite proud of my ideas for some, and completely stumped on others.

That leaves only surgery. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really *want* to have surgery. It doesn’t sound like very much fun and I have a re-occurring worry that I will look like someone tried to slit my throat and failed after the surgeons are done with me. To be fair to them, it does not sound very likely. I have decided to treat this like a nasty dose of medicine, and if I take it, I get to play with Gighawk and Guitar’s baby when it arrives in the summer.

B is being very supportive and helpful, and right after I get back from the hospital SmallHeadedAnimal is coming to stay for a few days and help me heal by watching BBC miniseries with me. (Her name is derived not because she has a small head, but because she thinks animals with tiny heads are adorable. You know, things like llamas, greyhounds, and ostriches.)

I will keep you all posted on how things progress, but I am feeling pretty positive about it. So wish me luck.

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One Response to Maybe if I’m very, very good…

  1. Ma Torg says:

    Surgery? You have some concerned friends over the pond.

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