Three cheers! I’ve crossed the (academic) finish line.

I just emailed in my last seminar paper to The Classicist (whom I worship and adore–I feel so lucky she came over the Pond from Oxbridge). Earlier today I stopped by her office to say goodbye as I will be missing our class dinner due to the evil thyroid surgery, and got her to sign her newest book for me. She signed it with *love* and told me to stay in touch. I am thrilled, and still a little giddy.

Both my papers went fairly well, especially the first, which was for Biiishops. I’d planned to drag B to the department Holiday party before babysitting the PandaHund, but traffic prevented him from arriving in time to see the venerable colloquium members bust out their electric guitars. The PandaHund and I met him back at her house to play, eat pasta, and go to sleep (her) and work (us).

But now my work is done, and Biiishops is not back yet. PandaHund is asleep, and B has work still. What am I supposed to do with myself? I didn’t think editing my last paper would go so quickly, and neglected to bring a book for fun. (I know, get out the paddles and re-start your hearts, *I* forgot to bring a book “just in case.”) Maybe I’ll go wake up PandaHund. Three-year olds don’t need their sleep, do they?

I want to send a shout out to Junior, who is in the home stretch of law school finals (worse than seminar papers in my not-so-humble opinion). Good luck my dear, and may the fish be with you.

Thursday is the big day for thyroid surgery, and I have to stay overnight at the hospital (“so if you start bleeding you are already at the hospital.” oh. how… comforting?). I will post as soon as possible afterwards (or get B to) so that you all know I survived it (not that it’s a very dangerous surgery, don’t panic). I’m feeling rather proud of myself because my physical therapist said that my abs are a 4/5, which is elite athlete level. So I’m showing that Land Rover what’s what. Just in time to lie in bed for a couple of weeks. Good thing I’m good at napping!

I thought of another type of time-out the other day, food time-out. Food time-out results from either food in projectile form (not usually a problem in our household), or excessive food intake (more likely).

I send you all lots of love, and want your promise that you won’t panic over my surgery. It will be a little while before I get results, but I promise to keep you all in the loop. xoxo K

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