Did it for the Pudding

So K had her surgery this morning. I have been told it went well, but we will not know the results of the tests until next week. She will be discharged tomorrow morning. I feel a little guilty about going for a huge burger with garlic fries and a beer while she napped, especially since she only had crackers for lunch, but at least they also have chocolate pudding for her (and me?). I also found out I can stay here overnight on this tiny chair which supposedly folds out into a bed, but unless it is something out of Harry Potter, I will need to see it to believe it. At least I can eat pudding all night.

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One Response to Did it for the Pudding

  1. Sally says:

    I love the blog even though we talk to you often it is fun to hear what’s up. We’ll have our fingers crossed that the results are all good.

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