Playing the Waiting Game

B and I are still playing the waiting game with the pathology report. Friday (at the earliest) is when we could hear. We have two different strategies for dealing with this waiting game. B, (partially because he has to), is focused totally on work, and is putting in long hours at the computer. I have been distracting myself by baking cookies (or cukes as Junior used to spell it), and making lists of what clothes to pack to brave the winter chill of New England. Judging from the fact that the in-laws haven’t had power for a week, and keep getting more snow, I don’t own enough clothes to keep me warm back there…

I also spend a fair amount of time napping, but when I am not napping or baking I sit around gloating at the presents I’ve picked out for people this year. I love giving presents, especially when I think I’ve hit on something particularly clever or perfect for a person that I love. And luckily, my family and friends are all obliging enough to at least *pretend* that I am a genius at present-picking-out and act suitably pleased.

I’m currently mailing Christmas cards, and trying to convince Mustang and Commish that they should forget the family shot (since we weren’t all together at any point this year), and make the dogs their Christmas card. Mustang’s objection to this is that “then people will think that since our kids have moved out we got all weird about the dogs.” As Commish put it, “We have.” And I’ve always been “weird” about the dogs. There are not two cuter labradors in the world. Even if they are slightly evil pooches who will roll in and/or eat anything. And I mean anything.

I’ll keep you posted about the pathology, and lots of love to all.

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3 Responses to Playing the Waiting Game

  1. Pa Torg says:

    We are all playing the “waiting game” with you. Its a bit late, but your thanksgiving dinner looked incredibly good. I got put in food time out with three days of sickness for eating an entire chocolate carmel custard cake with ice cream all myself (not necessarily related but probably should have been). Bonam Fortunam!

  2. Sally says:

    Us too. If those doctors are nasty have Bryan bop them on the nose. Love you.

  3. junior says:

    Them doggles are so cute. They probably like cukes, too.

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