Peel Me a Grape

On a note completely unrelated to all the recent drama (see previous post), I have a conundrum. It’s Logic (B) vs. Feeling (K). The battleground on which this played out was chocolate truffles. We were sent some Harry and David pears (yum!), and in the package were 6 chocolate truffles. B, in an entirely logical fashion, said, “Which 3 would you like?”, very gallantly giving me first pick. But there was no key to tell us what they tasted like.

So I said, “Well, I don’t want gross ones, so why don’t you take a bite of each one and tell me what it tastes like so I can then decide if I want it?” This seemed like an excellent plan to me, because not only would I avoid nasty surprises like cherry or almond flavors, but it would let me feel like I had my very own taste-tester (a la Cleopatra).

B, while having no objection to cherry or almond flavored truffles, balked at being told to take a nibble of each and report in. He (again logically) said, “Why don’t I get a knife and cut them in half. Then you can try each one, and if you don’t like it you can leave both halves for me.” My eyes narrowed. My nose tilted up in the air. “Don’t you *want* to test the chocolates for me?”

Sensing a trap, B became wary. “My way makes more sense (true), and I have less sensitive taste buds than you and might not get it right (also true).” So here is where the conundrum comes in. I knew perfectly well that B was correct on all counts. But it would be more *fun* to have someone testing the chocolates for me, rather than doing it myself. But the likelihood of getting a gross one increased if I actually relied on B. What to do? Admit Logic had triumphed (again)?

A sort of compromise was reached. B fetched the knife, cut the truffles in half, but then I made him taste some first, until he assured me one was good, and it turned out to be cherry flavored. We then went to his system of me taste-testing for myself and telling him, “Ew, that’s a boy chocolate!” whenever I didn’t like one. What a good sport I have for a husband!

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One Response to Peel Me a Grape

  1. junior says:

    If I were B I’d be a bit worried-I don’t think Cleopatra’s taste testers lasted very long…That said, I LOVED your post because I could see the devious wheels of your brain turning, a la Jane Austin, Georgette Heyer, and all of those other bad influences on the female mind…

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