well, it could be worse…

I enjoyed thyroid surgery so much the first time, I’m going to do it again! We just got back from the doctor’s office, and it turns out (much to my surprise), that I *do* have a little bit of thyroid cancer. 0.2 cm of cancer to be precise… and with a technical name of: “micro-papillary carcinoma.” So that means I get to have surgery again and possibly (but not likely), one treatment of radiation. Mostly I’m just relieved my hair won’t fall out, because I love my hair. I am quite vain about my hair. Just like I didn’t want to look like someone tried to slit my throat after surgery (I don’t), I didn’t want to lose my hair.

So now that that worry is off my mind, I can think about the really important things. Like how the devil I am going to keep myself warm in New England when there are supposed to be blizzards every other day while we’re there! I think the thing I am most bummed about is not seeing Junior this Christmas (although moving into a new house is a perfectly legitimate excuse). Doting on others makes my own worries less.

The fam has been wonderful, of course, and Aunt NY put it this way: “Well, we’re going to be very WASP-y and Stiff-Upper-Lip about all this, and just deal with it. Unless you want us to cause a big scene, and all descend upon your sickbed and be hysterical. We can do that too.” And while I don’t want that, it is *very* comforting to know that I *could* have it if I wanted to.

B is being his usual Super-B self, and he asked such discerning questions the oncologists thought he was an MD too. Please send him lots of mental hugs and good wishes, because I think it must be harder to be the spouse of the person with cancer, than the cancer patient herself. At least in this kind of uber-treatable mini-cancer.

That’s all for now, but I will keep you all posted, of course. Best Love, K

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