poor little bunny

So the whole “I have cancer” thing is going pretty well. I am almost certainly going to be just fine after the next surgery (still not scheduled for certain), and am surrounded by loving family right now. On the whole, I am feeling quite upbeat and accepting of the whole situation. As Maverick put it, it will be “concentrated misery” which will be over soon (Maverick like TopGun not Sarah P.).

There is just one thing that is bothering me a little. I feel sad and a little angry when people don’t acknowledge what I’ve told them. That I am sick, and I will get better. I’m not sure what I think of this reaction, because in some ways I think, suck it up, you are going to get through this even if a few people you consider friends can’t think up a way to tell you they hope you will be okay. On the other hand, this sucks, and my friends acknowledging that this is a hard patch is very comforting.

So am I allowed to be downhearted that some friends have just totally ignored my news, even though they said they wanted to know the results? How hard is it to say “That sucks, I hope you get better soon.”? Or am I just being morbidly sensitive?

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3 Responses to poor little bunny

  1. junior says:

    K, you are perfectly justified in your frustration. You are mortal, and thyroid cancer has driven that reality home in a personal, scary way. Most of us have not had such a personal health scare and thus fail to acknowledge the fear of death when we see it in other people. The beautiful thing about acknowledging your sickness is that it allows us to acknowledge your strength, grace, sense of humor, and courage–and, of course, the profound hope we all share for your cancer free recovery. P.S. Happy New Years!

  2. u says:

    it sucks.it sucks really really really badly. it would be a supreme boatload of suck, even if you *hadn’t* had to deal with a whole lot of suck prior to finding out. The “C” word is big and scary and some people deal with being powerless by ignoring things like that, since they can’t change the outcome anyway. Others may think that if they pretend it’s not a big deal, then they won’t scare you by confirming that it IS a big deal.HOWEVER, it is still your given right to be pissed at those people. And to make voodoo dolls. Er, if you wanted to do so, that is.

  3. K says:

    Thanks Junior and Brain! Makes me feel better.

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