I clicked my heels three times, and…

We made it home! Not even snow in Boston could stop us, and we arrived home to a gorgeous moon followed by a perfect day of 72 degrees and sunny. Too bad B is still sick and is missing all the yummy sun. I can feel my skin soaking up the vitamin D! Yay!

It is *really* nice to be back home in our own (messy) apartment, with our own (large and cat-free) bed, in our own (darling) neighborhood. But lest you worry, it was great to see family too. B and I can’t quite make the math work so that we can be gone for a shorter time, but still see everyone we want to see. It may be impossible. And we didn’t even get to see everyone as much as we wanted! Boo and Speedster (and their corgis with matching mini horse blankets) headed back to New Canaan much to early, and Small Headed Animal and Alpha we only saw for a few hours.

I think the best part of the trip home was when B and I were sitting dazed and sneezing in Logan and we heard our flight had extra room in first class, for a few frequent flier miles. I guarded the carry on while B sprinted over to the desk and signed us right up. When you are 6’4″, have a sprained knee and a sore back, first class makes all the difference for a six hour flight. And I didn’t mind it myself (the chocolate sundaes were particularly nice).

I think I might have to go take a little nap myself. Just for funsies. Do love a good nap.

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One Response to I clicked my heels three times, and…

  1. K says:

    PS, for those of you who were worried, my African Violets somehow survived a month without water, and are still alive. weird.

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