You know what is hard? Trying to find a church to call home out here. I didn’t grow up going to church very often, and my parents had me baptized 1) for WASPy cultural reasons and 2) so I’d have something to rebel against when I grew up. I think their plan backfired though because I like church, and have really struggled to find a place for B and me out in sunny SF. B is non-denominational, and is a little less impressed with organized religion than I am. I was baptized Episcopalian, but find myself more in tune with the Anglican Communion than the North American Episcopal church right now. Sadly, Episcopal churches in SF are pretty woo-woo, and so I miss my St. Andrew’s back east.

This has left me with the dilemma of where to go. B and I have been attending a Lutheran church a few miles away, but while the liturgy and gospel are great, it doesn’t feel like home culturally. Of course, we will be moving in a few years, so I guess that the whole problem will be solved (or at least changed) depending on where we end up after grad school.

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One Response to Seeking

  1. Ma Torg says:

    You should forgo all familiarity and go Orthodox! HA HA!

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