What Do I Look Like? A Cream Puff?

So I was attempting (fruitlessly) to find the Pottery Barn near the 16th and Mission BART stop. I was dressed in jeans and a button down shirt–nothing out of the ordinary. I got off BART and was looking at the map to see which way I should go, when a SWAT team member asked if he could help. I explained I was looking for Pottery Barn on Market, at which point he looked me over and declared, “This isn’t such a nice part of town.”

Excuse me? Do I look like I just stepped off Fifth Avenue or something? (Although to be fair to the SWAT Team guy, I did go 6 blocks the wrong way and didn’t ever find the Pottery Barn. But that was partly his fault because he said Mission branched off Market. Of course, he might have had an easier time giving me directions if I hadn’t accidentally told him I was looking for a Crate and Barrel…)

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2 Responses to What Do I Look Like? A Cream Puff?

  1. mustang says:

    Love the blog. We will have ot straighten out the church thing when we see you next. WASPish????Hey what was the swat team doing hanging around giving lost people directions? Weather up hear is “variable”. Some places around Fairbanks had the temperature change 100 degrees in one day!!!!!! Minus 60 to 40 above. We are gald you are soaking in the sun – enjoy.

  2. u says:

    oh sweetie. let's recap. You, of the elegant and slightly victorian demeanor, were wearing a button down shirt. Openly reading a map. Looking for a pottery barn / c&b. IN THE MISSION. Not Union Sq, the marina, or even the Church/Castro cute area. THE MISSION. Sorry, going with SWAT on this one 🙂

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