New Year’s Resolutions

After being told by Mustang that studies have shown people who make New Year’s Resolutions progress farther toward their goals than those who don’t make any B and I have decided to resolve away. B’s mostly involve fixing various body parts of his that don’t work very well (knee, back, etc) so I’ll let him post about that if he likes. (Keep your fingers crossed, he just had an MRI of his knee and is awaiting the results).

My resolutions involve both physical and mental health. Physical health includes things like biking or playing tennis at least once a week in addition to walking every day (oh yeah, and getting cancer-free. duh.). The mental health things are a bit tougher, since those resolutions are things like: start papers earlier, figure out a dissertation topic, and put together my orals lists. (Speaking of that last, those of you in grad school will appreciate this: I got asked by Rome the other day, “Do I get to be on your committee? Have you already put it together? I hope you’ll put me on.” I positively danced down the hallway after that conversation.)

The other resolution I made is to try and read through the whole Bible this year. This is for several reasons: 1) I should. 2) it will make me a better medieval scholar if I can see the biblical referents in medieval sources without having to rely on an editor.

Have any of you made resolutions for this year? Mustang, you better have considering your “studies show” talk… 😉

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One Response to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. mustang says:

    None, our resolution is to make no resolutions. That way no one can say oh so sanctimoniously and smugly: “na na you didn’t do so and so and I did.’ So forget it. Commish did swear he would never say the word “abiciser” in Mustang’s presence, so maybe that is a resolution and maybe we will see him in the little doggie house.

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