Poor Little Bunny

So I get an text message a few days after we returned from the east coast from Gardener. The last few days back east we stayed with Gardener and Georgette yet again (K was there for a whole year taking classes) and once again they spoiled us like crazy. I was sick the whole time but loving life without cats (what does it say when all my family has cats when they know I am allergic? Not too subtle, huh?), and G&G took us out to dinner with Teton (Treehouse was back at school) . Then the girls went to go see Twilight, which was the topic of conversation for the whole weekend, and Gardener and I saw Grand Tourino.

Anyway, that message first asked how the “poor little bunny” as doing, followed by a quick F%@! you, zipperhead (This later one only makes sense to others who have seen GT). Anyway, once more for old time’s sake, here is the man cold.

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