Sink or Swim?

So this post actually is not about my surgery on Monday. I’m not so worried about that. Been there, done that–it hurts but then it gets better (and B and Mustang will be here to spoil me). No, the title refers to my class schedule and teaching load this semester.

I somehow thought it would be a good plan to teach the two Friday sections, which are back to back 10-12 and 12-2. What was I thinking?!? Not only will I be teaching two sections in a row (Pa Torg, you can tell me how dumb this was if you like), but they’re on FRIDAY! I mean, I might be considered interesting and amusing on Tuesday mornings at 8am, or Wednesdays from 2-4, but there is no WAY a bunch of undergrads are going to be focused and attentive by 2pm on Friday.

B thinks that I will manage to keep at least the boys interested. I might have to brush off my skirt collection to make sure he’s right.

I also thought it would be a good thing to take 4 classes. Two research seminars (on urbanization with Rome and monasticism with Maverick), a proseminar on medieval stuff, and a medieval Latin class. The problem is, they are all so good (and required), so I can’t drop any of them! I am going to have to be an organizational and deadline fiend this term. Uh-oh…

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4 Responses to Sink or Swim?

  1. junior says:

    its on like donkey kong.

  2. junior says:

    I meant “it’s.” Damn.

  3. Ma Torg says:

    Oh, my goodness. Pa Torg SHOULD give you advice, but will probably just say, “I know! I know!” because he too continues to NOT learn when everything is just sooooooooooo interesting.

  4. Pa Torg says:

    Sorry, I somehow missed this shout out. As far as your teaching schedule, I would actually say that is the best of all possible worlds. Back to back sessions are always the most efficient — if they’re spread out you end up creating two lesson plans; also, when I have undergrads at the beginning of the week, I always waste too much of the weekend preparing. They’re just not worth it. You shouldn’t have too much reading for the proseminar; is the Med Latin just a reading course? If so you really just have the two seminars to worry about … for which … I’m sorry. 🙂 and “I know! I know!” Though let the records show that I have changed my ways. I will only be in classes this term for a total of 22 hours.

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