What a Day

So yesterday, the surgeons decided they needed to keep K overnight again because her heart rate was too low, and a few other thing were off, causing her to feel woozy. Of course today was the day that I had to run surveys in SF, and CoffeePlace’s stupid people in the command chain screwed up the permissions. I finally got the details worked out last night after I left the hospital, Mustang stayed overnight this time. I thought I would drop people off at the survey locations in the morning and then get right back to the hospital.

How wrong I was. After waking up at 6 to get ready and over to pick up the two new guys at their apartment (pretty far from the survey locations) I got to wait outside in the cold for half an hour calling their cells and leaving messages before finally giving up. I then had to race up 19th to get the other two helpers and then take them to the downtown location. I ended up doing the other location myself (who had been told we DIDN’T have permission!) with a little help from Mustang before K was released from the hospital. They ended up having to take a cab home, and I finally made it home at 1:30, after having not seen my sick, cancer-patient wife for way too long.

Fortunately, K is feeling better and the nausea has gone away. Her HR is back up. I am looking forward to Mustang’s homemade chicken soup tonight before I leave tomorrow afternoon to do the whole survey thing again in Seattle.

Oh. And I found out I tore my ACL again. The cherry on the cake.

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One Response to What a Day

  1. Ma Torg says:

    Sorry you two. Wish we could help.

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