I’m allliiiiiiive!!

Yay! I’m alive! and kicking! I can’t believe it’s been almost four days since I got home from hospital, but I just double checked by counting on my fingers, and it’s true. I’m still healing, but definitely starting to perk up. This is a good thing because I start school again on Tuesday, and have a 12-hour day, literally. I hope no one comes to office hours, so I can fall asleep on my desk.

Not really much news here, I just wanted to post to let you all know that I am healing and feeling better by the day thanks to B and Mustang (who left this morning). Now I’m going to go take a walk with B in the sun and then make Irish Soda Bread (with currants, not raisins which I do not like at all). And watch the SuperBowl.

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