I Owe Reggie One

As I re-read my first Latin Take Home Exam for the term, I can’t help but remember my summer spent (on crutches) in Rome, studying Latin with Reginald Foster (you can wikipedia him). It had not quite dawned on me how much better my Latin got while studying with him, but working on this translation of Gregory of Tours really highlighted how far I have come thanks to Reggie. I still had to look up plenty of words, but I was able to pick up the exam, and actually read most of it straight through. I never had the ability, and certainly not the confidence to do that B.R. (before Reggie).

This is an especially poignant realization as Reggie is currently in hospital after almost dying thanks to a ruptured spleen and open heart surgery. I’m praying he gets better and can teach again because my Latin will never be the same, and I want other people to have that chance. (Not to mention he’s absolutely hysterical and tells naughty stories about the Vatican).

So thank you Reggie, and I hope you get better soon.

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