The Tough Life

So I had the joy of sitting down for 7 hours to grade the MBA stats midterm with the other grader and TA who are second year MBAs who took the class last year. Grading is an unbelievable dull task but I was entertained by the discussion. The other two would remark on how incredible some of the answers were and how the logic in the answers made no sense at all. I couldn’t help but remark how this is often the case and that have seen some remarkably crappy work in my time grading MBAs. I then was entertained by listening to the travails and challenges the poor MBAs face: their professors do not understand how crazy the first year is and how they are overloaded with four classes, with once a week group assignments, and that there are unbelievably difficult-to-deal-with group dynamics where it is a struggle to get things done because each person is trying to do less work than his or her group mates. At least things make sense now.

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