The Commish Effect

We had a great time with Commish, Mustang and Junior who came down for the long weekend. Of course, Commish and Mustang left sunny (believe it or not) Juneau for a cold, rainy weekend down here. Of course the main purpose of this excursion was to bike and to see Lance, Levi and the rest of the boys tear it up in the Tour of California. We spent a fun, wet and bedraggled three days in wine country, with two nights in Healdsburg. We saw the finish of Stage 1 in Santa Rosa and had a great spot (which we got by waiting in the rain for hours) to see the riders all come down into town and make the three laps to the finish. Its amazing how much of a blast it was to be able to see the event, cyclist aficionados will understand. The great wine and food didn’t hurt either.

After rides of 22 and 30 miles the first two days in the rain, Commish and I had the decision to make whether we wanted to ride from Healdsburg to Sonoma to meet the others at our favorite winery. Of course I knew what would happen, this is the Commish we are talking about. We fell for the sucker hole, that patch of blue sky which lets you know it will be a nice day just to suck you in and then starts pouring ten minutes later. The 46 miles into a headwind turned out to be a bit longer than I thought (by over ten miles) and we made it just in time to rush over to the winery exactly one minute before their gates close automatically. Fortunatley for us, the woman working the tasting room who we saw leaving said I looked so “pathetic” in my wet spandex bike gear that she gave us a full tasting to finish off the wonderful trip.

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One Response to The Commish Effect

  1. K says:

    Let me just add that the Chocolate Souffle with Creme Anglaise was *particularly* nice. I played the important role of insolent podium girl.

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