Possum Herding

During a meeting about the class I’m TAing, we were discussing how we find the students this term lazier, less intelligent, and generally less satisfying than the last time we taught the class (and more likely to be on Facebook during lecture). I said that I thought trying to get them to make sense out of the sources was like herding cats and Maverick exclaimed:

“Oh no! Cats have way too much energy! It’s like… like… herding possums! You could drive to DC and back in the time it would take them to get a good idea, and several are sure to get run over.”

So I herd possums for a living. Right now I’m just trying to keep any of them from becoming roadkill.

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2 Responses to Possum Herding

  1. Ma Torg says:

    Ah. So sorry. Try bribing them with brownies. A brownie for every intellegent comment. The rest leave hungry.Of course, you might sadly be left with the whole plate to yourself. But then the bright side of that would be you could eat it all. And well deserved to, because you are FULL of intellegence.

  2. mustang says:

    K!!!! Why don’t you just leave the egg out…you don’t need it in the batter. (But then you would have to admit from the start of the enterprise that it was never your intention to turn the oven to bake.)

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