Only the cute ones.

A little back-story: My freshman crew coach was one of the most intense individuals I have ever met. His introductory speech at the crew information meeting my freshman year made me decide to drop tennis and row crew, and I gained more toughness and confidence from rowing than from any other endeavor. That said he was as rough and un-politically correct as one could possibly be. One day when some recruits were up, the woman’s coach (with her recruits) asked if he would mind taking a few in his launch since hers was already full. The title of this blog was his immediate response.

I was reminded of this today when observing those in the PT clinic where I am doing the rehab for my knee. The three PT-professionals are middle aged guys. The helpers who do the ice and hook you up to stimm, etc. are young, cute women in their early twenties. Coincidence?

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One Response to Only the cute ones.

  1. K says:

    I think not.

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