Bad Boys, Bad Boys…

Wacha gonna do? Wacha gonna do when they come for you.

So Twin and Silk flew into town today (read the Belgariad to understand the Silk reference), they are meeting with a bunch of VC firms over the next few days. They got in for lunch and afterward, Twin decided to stay in our neighborhood and do some work while Silk went and checked into their hotel in Union Square.

Apparently, we have a very bored neighbor with a wild imagination. He saw my brother fussing about in the trunk of the rental car to get his laptop and work out before Silk left. Obviously what the neighbor actually saw was a drug deal going down so he called the cops. Silk was followed by a narcotics plainclothesman up to Union Square and was busted just before he reached the hotel. Three more cruisers arrived and Silk was vigorously interrogated while they flipped his car. It didn’t help he could not remember the name of our street and was stuck saying he had been “visiting” a friend’s brother and he couldn’t say where. To add to his luck, they asked why the car smelled of pot. Silk was about to protest this when he realized that it was in fact the case. Someone must have screwed him over and he was most likely going to jail. Nothing was found however, and he finally was released and allowed to go commit more terrible crimes before his venture capital meetings tomorrow for their alternative-energy start up company.

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2 Responses to Bad Boys, Bad Boys…

  1. m says:

    Cool story, B. No seriously, cool story. I laughed my butt off.

  2. Pa Torg says:

    I’m a little behind the times … but this is amazing. You guys are truly wild people. I can’t wait to get back to the Bay Area.

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