Caution: Slow Kid at Play

Maverick informed me and my fellow seminar-students that we each had “one virtue, at least one, that you bring to class.” Uhhhh, thanks? He then proceeded to tell us what they were. They included being good with texts (the guy from the English dept), being good at Biblical stuff and exegesis (the guy at Theological school), being well-rounded in a German way in theory (the German exchange student), and then there was me. My virtue? Common sense and plain speaking when it’s needed.

I can’t decide if this is A) getting the “most improved” award in kiddie soccer which means I no longer trip other people on the field, just myself; or B) I’m a b*tch in seminar.

I told this story to Allegresse (she’s joyful, adorable, and bubbly. wish her luck on quals), and since she’s in a literature department, she immediately said, “That’s what you’d be in an allegorical tale!” So I’m Common Sense. I think I’d rather be…well…anything else really. This is particularly funny since two days before this happened, B told Allegresse a bunch of stories about how I have no common sense. To be fair to Maverick, I hear it’s an improvement for him to think that grad students have any virtues at all.

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One Response to Caution: Slow Kid at Play

  1. Pa Torg says:

    Yes, to your final comment. In fact, you probably should leave him a card on flowery-type stationary that says: “Thank you for choosing our grad seminar for completing your counseling assignment of: ‘Say one positive thing to each person you work with this week.'” Also, since yours was the only one that could actually be considered kind of a “virtue” (the others were just acquired skills), and that characteristic is something that Maverick clearly prizes in himself … you can read into it that you were the one he wanted to compliment.

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