Artful Innocence

Allegresse, before she succumbed to the pressure of exams awarded me a new allegorical name (because she and B agreed I don’t really have *that* much common sense… or maybe I only use it selectively?) So I am now Artful Innocence. I like it. Although my favorite still has to be Allegresse’s friend, Feigned Diligence. (abrupt giggle). B doesn’t seem eager to be given an allegorical name… I can’t imagine why!

In other news, I’ve discovered that you learn something new every time you ride public transportation around here. The other day, I hopped on the fast bus from my doctor’s office and there were two seats available: one next to the smelly homeless guy muttering angrily to himself, and one next to a fairly normal looking guy with earphones in. I chose the normal looking guy. After a five minute discussion I had learned: 1) I am pretty and tall. 2) He would like to marry me, because I am pretty and tall. 3) There is no more beautiful racial combination than black and white babies, and thus we could enroll our children in modeling school straightaway. 4) I had inspired him to “cradle-rob” because “all the good-looking tall ones get taken early.”

I will give the bus system this: it is never boring. And there is usually an interesting smell or two wafting around. Awesome.

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One Response to Artful Innocence

  1. Little Bro says:

    Bizarre and kinda freaky. Makes me like the German public transportation all the more – everyone is so unfriendly at least you don’t have to talk to them about your potential babies.

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