Talking Story

In Hawaii, when you’re sitting around chit-chatting, it’s called talking story. B forgot to include this little gem in his post about Hawaii:

B often did his cousinly duty and took Moe and Prince Valiant (so named because of their haircuts) to the bathroom. In the photo you see of the three of them in the post below (Moe on the left, B in the middle, and Prince Valiant on the right), they are returning from one such expedition. (I’m getting the giggles just remembering the story.)

Prince Valiant only went shi-shi (another Hawaiian term), but Moe needed to do something a little more serious. Unfortunately, he picked the stall that was out of order. The toilet was on some quest for world domination, and kept making unprompted loud gurgling noises. Since the boys are only 4 and 5, Moe, Prince V and B were in there together. Apparently, every time the toilet let out a loud gurgle and water fountained, Moe would whip around on the seat to look behind him, and Prince V would run up to the toilet to look in the bowl for the source of the noise, shouting, “What’s that?!” (with Moe still sitting there, also trying to see). B said it was rather like herding cats. It took quite a while to complete all business, and their garlic shrimp scampi from Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck was getting cold by the time they returned (victorious, as you can probably tell from the happy faces in the photo). I don’t know if the toilet has stopped scaring 4 year-olds yet.

Just thought you all might enjoy that.

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