Ready…Steady…And Away!

I went for my second run post-Land Rover today (minus the sprint for the bus in Oakland which is when I realized I *could* run again). I only went in our neighborhood (home to canyon park and back), and stopped to stretch twice, but it was gorgeous, and I even did crunches and push-ups afterward. This gives me hope that someday I will in fact be fit again, instead of just being skinny by not eating too much. It didn’t hurt that it was a gorgeous sunny day (not too hot, not too cold) and B was out for a 3 hour bike (thus making me feel guilty).

We are headed over to meet up with Chumness and her husband (and adorable baby), who are visiting the City for a mini-holiday. We’re going to eat take-out and watch the Blazers game.

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One Response to Ready…Steady…And Away!

  1. mustang says:

    crunches and push-ups!!!! It makes your dad happy to hear you are taking good care of yourself. Guilt, nice weather, who cares why! Saw your latin guru in the movie. I bet his holy one wasn’t too pleased! I thought he was great

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