The first day of summer.

Yesterday was a good. Sleep in, do a little work with coffee, go for a long bike ride, topped off with dinner and drinks with friends from out of town. However, it was still definitely chilly. Today we headed up to Sonoma with Builder and Doctor who are in town on their honeymoon to do a little wine tasting, getting the equivalent of the wine tasting early bird special so we could bring them back to the city in time for a 2:30 play. Unlike yesterday, it was in the 80s even in the city. We decided to swing by the beach for a quick walk but the masses had descended upon the water in force, so it ended up being a two hour side-trip. Hello summertime and ha ha to those enjoying the New England snow.

Addendum: TreeLady asked if it was spring yet here, I guess this answers that question. Oh, we topped off the summer night by walking up to Safeway to get a watermelon, mm-mm.

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3 Responses to The first day of summer.

  1. startup says:

    Ha ha! Those enjoying the “NE snow” had a 70 degree day today!

  2. K says:

    Right, so you got one 70 day, and we always have them. Today was particularly nice at 85.

  3. Little Bro says:

    So I am pretty sure i can guess who startup is, and is tree lady the obvious person as well?

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