Gluteus Medius

Yes, it sounds like a character from Gladiator, but no, this post is not that exiting. It is a way for me to rant about my previous physical therapists failing to mention the importance of this muscle in preventing future ACL injuries and for failing to have me do the exercises which would strengthen it. I am very good about doing my PT, but only if I know what to do! I met with my surgeon this week (and was too depressed afterwards to post until now) who, upon further request for information, informed me I may have a whole 25% of my ACL intact. I don’t know about you but a possible 25% does not sound like a whole lot. Long term: I need to strengthen my gluteus medius to the point that I have terrific stability, get a new custom-fit knee brace, and then hopefully in a few months, test the sucker out again. Last time I did this it didn’t last 5 minutes playing tennis against Doughnut. If I am in need of a new ACL, it turns out I will need multiple surgeries to first do bone grafts and then reconstruction, and only if my knee is in great shape (all of which it will lose). Oh, and they don’t want to waste any more cadavers on me. Turns out the nickname Brain gave me is well deserved.

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3 Responses to Gluteus Medius

  1. GardenGal says:

    Oh crap. Hang in there, we’re thinking of you guys and miss you bunches.

  2. Pa Torg says:

    That really really sucks. This kid, however, is hoping to benefit from your new knowledge. I’ve had on and off hip issues since high school, and it now seems to be manifesting itself in knee tendon soreness, and looking at pics of said Gluteus, that looks like a likely culprit. How do you exercise it?

  3. K says:

    Rollerblading, or ice skating will work that glute med, or you can lie on your side/stomach and lift your leg backwards and up. It looks almost as silly as rollerblading…

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