Truth be told, I have been a little remiss about posting. It’s not that nothing has been going on–it’s just that it’s the end of term, and therefore both B and I are MIA. But after sweeping the kitchen and wiping down the counters, but before I dust the bedroom, I thought I would take a moment to ruminate on housekeeping.

That’s right. Housekeeping. B and I are both gone a lot, and we can’t afford a housekeeper. But we like a clean and (somewhat) tidy home to come back to at night, do work in on the weekends and serve as our refuge from idiotic MBAs and undergrads. Thus the question becomes: how do we get this home, this refuge, given that we are both more-than-full-time students? The answer currently is: we don’t really. Part of this is due to the fact that we accumulate papers and books faster than we can organize them, and we are already over capacity for our little apartment (mostly my fault, I admit). We need a second bedroom that can be turned into a study/library. But since we don’t have one, the detritus of our trade piles up around our (shared) desk, our nightstands, next to the bed, next to the couch, on the dining table, etc. (It has yet to colonize either the bathroom or the kitchen, but I’m sure the articles on Carolingian monastic reform are just waiting their chance).

We are good about cooking healthy meals almost all the time (with the occasional trip to La Corneta, we admit), but the housekeeping has so far escaped us. Yes, we do the laundry, pay the bills and scrub the shower (once in a while), but we don’t have a consistent routine to make sure that the floors get vacuumed or the blinds and bookshelves get dusted. (One of my main complaints about living in a city is how fast everything gets dusty.) Therefore, when I encountered a book called Home Comforts, I thought: Aha! This might be just what I am looking for! Not only does the author work and thus understand that we can’t all be staying home to iron underwear, but she has great common sense and a tasty writing style. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to try and make a comfortable home without turning in to Martha Stewart (who is very scary in my opinion).

I’m off to try and formulate a list for organizing the housekeeping duties that matter to our household (another nice thing about the book is that it doesn’t make you feel like you have to do it all, all the time), and I will keep you posted about how my foray into housekeeping goes.

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One Response to Housekeeping??

  1. GardenGal says:

    We have the same problem and you are WAY braver than we are for tackling it! If it works let me know, and you can tell me your secrets. Or come over to clean our shower. Never mind the travel. 😛

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