Wildlife Adventures

I am a big nature fan; I like to hike, bike, camp, the whole deal. What I don’t like is when nature decides to dash out right in front of me when I am biking at 25 mph on a narrow back road. I again came within 2 feet of running over a squirrel on my bike today, and I was almost hit by a bird. I remember as kids, when a deer jumped directly between me and my best friend when we were biking although I was only 15 feet in front of him. Commish and I have seen bears biking, I have had a bee get stuck inside my bike helmet (and sting me of course), and I just know one day I’ll hit a moose. Wildlife: just look pretty and stay off the road!

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One Response to Wildlife Adventures

  1. u says:

    Watch out for the cats, raccoons, and skunks (!) on campus. I swear to god, I had suicidal cats LAUNCH themselves at my front wheel more than once as an undergrad.

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