There’s a Yak in my Purse!

SmallHeadedAnimal was here after a conference in LA, and we had a great time playing with her and totally ignoring work for a couple days. Junior had also just arrived for the summer, and we decided he did not need to spend his weekend before starting work organizing himself, instead he needed to spend it eating with us. And eat we did. Brain and Doughnut and a few other friends met us for Dim Sum brunch on Saturday (we waste no time, S.H.A. only got in around midnight on Friday, and Junior had driven all the way from Oregon). It was awesome. After stuffing ourselves to the point of insensibility, it turns out to have cost us each $16. Mmmmmm. Dim Sum Brunch.

Then, Junior went to go meet his roommate (or try to anyways), and after a restorative nap, we went out to NorthBeach and ate half a chicken each. Yum. Followed by dessert at Stella’s. And you know what that means: B ate a cream puff the size of a hoagie roll. (I did myself proud with a cannoli). Since none of us could fit into our pants anymore, we decided that Sunday should be a day of walking. So we hopped on BART to go see the Asian Art Museum. I *highly* recommend this to anyone in the Bay area. It was amazing. It was especially fun with S.H.A. because she knew all about the different stones, and preservation techniques. And her museum pass got B in for free. While I was busy picking out a vase and a little bronze statue to take home, S.H.A. was on the prowl for a present for Topsider, and decided that nothing was more perfect than a toy yak. Since they were out of camels. Thus, for the rest of her trip, one of us would suddenly blurt out: “Yak check!” and S.H.A. would whip open her purse to make sure the yak was still inside. It did not escape. I assume it is now in the possession of Topsider.

After the museum we walked all over the city, and eventually found ourselves at Pier 37 watching the sea lions. S.H.A. has quite a fondness for sea lions, and would happily have stayed there all day, but eventually we figured we should give our prime viewing spots to some of the children trying to see. You know, because we’re nice like that. A low blood sugar meant that I got to eat cotton candy (yay!) while B and S.H.A. stared worriedly at me. Then we headed home for one last eating extravaganza.

Junior came over and we all went to Le P’tit Laurent, our favorite little French Bistro. The thought of that meal still makes me smile. It was so delicious. We started with a seafood soup, followed by stuffed trout with veggies and lentils in a curry sauce for S.H.A. and flank steak with parsnips in a delicious sauce for the rest of us. Followed by dessert (creme brulee, profiteroles, and chocolate cake). Wow. All with a nice wine provided by Junior, of course.

All in all a great weekend, and I’m off to continue the tradition of good food by meeting Junior for dinner tonight. Sadly, B has to go to school today, so he can’t join us. Yak check!

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