Road Rage

Yesterday afternoon, B and I were driving over the bridge in heavy 4 lane traffic. While we have grown used to the abysmal CA drivers, yesterday brought the bar to a new low. An old yellow convertible with no windows left was sort of swerving along in front of us, looking like it was going to rear-end the cars in front of it. We could not figure out what the man was doing, he kept glancing down to his left and right, so he wasn’t reading… Finally we figured it out:

He was playing the guitar.

A new low. The GUITAR?!?!?! I hate California. When we could, B pulled into the lane next to him and I rolled down my window and shrieked at the top of my voice (I wanted to make sure he could hear me over the sound of the guitar), “Stop playing the guitar while you’re driving!!!” I was so angry. How dare that man endanger everyone else on the road with his terrible driving?! Later, his lane passed our lane, and he leaned out his non-existent window and yelled something rude at me. But at least he wasn’t playing the guitar any more.

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