We had a great weekend. I went over to Berkeley for a bike ride with a guy I rowed with in college who I haven’t seen in years (and his friend, both apparently race and dominate as cat 3 riders) and then we had dinner over at Rower1 and Rower2’s house. Junior came over on Sat. and we went casting (ribbon twirling for guys) in the casting pools in Golden Gate Park. Today I am off to Michigan, and K is leaving soon for Vancouver, so it was nice to get in a little pre-tripping time together before we both leave.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi K – I'm commenting here, because there wasn't an email attached to your comment on my blog, about leaving the Episcopal church.We're actually not quite sure what we're doing yet, as there are some other people at our church who are also leaving the Episcopal church soon, and we'd like to go with them if we can. The situation in our parish is pretty messy right now though, because the leadership is trying to convince those called to leave to stay. They're actually suggesting ways to be "two parishes, but one congregation", i.e., to leave without leaving.So, it's hard. Our family will be going to a local ACNA (Anglican Church of North America) church by the end of the summer, if nothing else works out. There is the possibility of a church plant for us, but again, it depends on if there are other folks in our parish who are really willing to leave TEC – and if our parish is willing to bless their leaving. It's kind of up in the air right now.Do you know which diocese you're in? Are you close at all to the Diocese of San Joaquin? They're part of ACNA, which is the new North American Anglican province. I might start by going to ACNA's site, and just seeing if they have a parish close to you. ACNA's still sort of in formation, but it's being formed out of all the continuing Anglican groups now in the States, so most of its actual parishes are pretty well-established.Another good place to check out for information on traditional Anglicanism in America is Oh, and this is the website you want for ACNA: that helps a bit! May God bless you in your search.

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