End of Term

I got back on Sunday after a week in An Arbor. The conference itself was a disappointment, my session was the first morning session after the Gala dinner and was running concurrently with a high-powered one in which my adviser was presenting. These conferences always seem so clickish, so I was happy to get back (and immediate;y bomb my one final exam). The one thing that made the trip fun was that when I was out running, I ran past HeaviestLightweight without even knowing he was in Michigan where he had just finished law school. It was fun meeting up with him for a some drunk rock band before heading back to CA.

This week I have not been able to get motivated at all. The term is finally over and I need to get going on the next step in the various research projects, but that first step is the hardest. K is out of town in Vancouver so I should be getting work down but I am completely wiped. Yesterday I at least got my lazy self off of the couch to play 18 holes on our beautiful golf course. I played the best golf of my life (not saying a whole lot) despite not swinging a club in over a year. Today is the last day of bachelor life before K returns, and as you can see, I am still doing whatever I can to avoid work.

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