Romantic Moments

B and I are not known for our ability to create picture perfect romantic moments. One example: B misses me while I am in Italy and impulsively buys a ticket to Rome. (very romantic). I go to the airport to meet him, and as we attempt to have a tender reunion, he steps on my foot. (not romantic).

Our fourth anniversary is on Thursday, and this time we’re planning to celebrate it in the proper style. We figure 4th time’s the charm, as all our previous anniversaries have been less than romantic moments:

Year 1: B hosts StartUp’s bachelor party in the Adirondacks and is so hungover he forgets to wish me “Happy Anniversary” when he gets back to Nora’s House.

Year 2: B cuts open toe biking in flip-flops and K spends 3 hours on public transit and then wanders around campus clicking the “unlock” button on her keys trying to find the car and avoid all the rabid raccoons. It takes 9 hours for the emergency room to fix B, at which point all restaurants are closed.

Year 3: K goes to study Latin in Rome, and B is stuck in San Fran.

Year 4: have booked room at romantic B&B in Half Moon Bay. Will report back.

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