Vive le Tour!

The Tour finished today (Commish, don’t read if you don’t know what happened!!), and I find myself bereft for another year. Phil and Paul, I will miss you. (I think their best lines this year were “Lance just gave Franck Schleck a look that says, ‘I am ready to Dance.'” and “The Manx Missile does it again!”) Contador took home the yellow jersey, but Lance is getting back in fighting form and has announced he’ll go to RadioShack next year. Watch out Contador. No one can put together a team like Lance.

I was so sad that Levi broke his wrist and couldn’t finish, he’s a good man. Lance has announced he’ll skip the Giro d’Italia (suck it BCS) in order to ride the Tour of California again. YAY! Mustang and Commish, we should start planning your trip down now. We need to see more than one stage this time. Maybe a mountain stage too?

The Tour this year was glorious, finally free of doping scandals and full of kick-ass competition. Mont Ventoux was awesome. It was so exciting it even got me to do my PT exercises (sooo boring!!) while watching it, out of pure excitement. Vive le Tour!!

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