Sassy Toes

I must send off a secret radar beam that draws the crazies. On the train today I noticed a rather odd man who eyed me once, then sat in front of me, and stared at me over his paper. I continued crocheting, and pretending not to notice. He then got up and sat right behind me. I had the distinct impression he was doing something like sniffing my hair, but didn’t want to look around and come face-to-face with a hair-sniffer.

I got up to transfer trains, and he got up too. Caught at the door, waiting for it to open, I noticed he was smiling at me and saying something. Because I was raised to be polite (thanks Commish and Mustang!), I took out an earbud (I know, I know), and he said, “Do you wear toenail polish too?” (please note, I was *not* wearing nail polish) I was so flustered I said, “Yes.” He grinned. “What color?”

Uhhhhh. Well, I’m not going to take off my flats and show you. “Red.” and with that, I darted off the train and high-tailed it onto the other one.

Why me?

After that fun, I went and had my toes painted “Russian Navy” blue.

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One Response to Sassy Toes

  1. shtina25 says:

    argh! That is super creepy! Do you know how to use crochet needles as defensive weapons in the event that this happens again?

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