Practically Perfect

B and I had a practically perfect day yesterday, and today is shaping up to be just as good. Saturday we woke up late, did a little work and B made breakfast sandwiches (egg white for me), then we packed some gorp and headed up to Sonoma wine country, singing along to our mixed CD: Trip to Wine Country. After stopping by Sonoma Yarns (for some size 5 dpns and more Frog Tree Alpaca sport weight yarn), we ate a picnic lunch in the shade (I’d say where we got our picnic lunch, but Mustang would snort in disgust. I will only say that it rhymes with Baco Tell). We then proceeded to our favorite winery, Bartholomew Park to pick up some wine and do a tasting. They are almost out of one of our favorite Cabs, so we got a few bottles to take with us.

With the windows down to fully enjoy the breeze and 75 degree temps, we wended our way down the east bay to have dinner with the Torgs. B immediately entered into the spirit of things in the Torg household by pretending to be a monster (whose cave was in the bathroom, when he wasn’t lurking on the stairs). Ma Torg made a yummy lentil soup (avec bacon–what’s not to love?!?), biscuits and salad. Entirely delicious, proven by the fact that all three kids ate three bowls of soup and had lots of salad. After giving plenty of quality kisses, the kidlets went to bed and we adults made pots of tea and coffee, cut the strawberry-rhubarb pie I’d brought into quarters, and settled down to a fierce game of Pinochle (we were *soundly* trounced, mostly by Ma Torg. Pa Torg was busy soliloquizing.) This was all part of our cunning plan, so the Torgs really like us and Pinochle, and will keep inviting us over. I swear.

All in all it was a lovely day, especially since B’s surgery is looming on Thursday, and today is looking pretty good too: I went to pilates, came home bearing currant scones and sticky buns, B has football on, and I think there is a nap in my future…

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One Response to Practically Perfect

  1. Pa Torg says:

    I'll keep on entertaining myself with unstoppable wife-aggravating solilo-mumbles as long we keep on winning. And let the public records show that Alaska grows very yummy rhubarb and that K knows how to turn said vegetable into one heck of a good pie (even if the purity was marred with California strawberries).

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