Taskmaster v. Bleeding Heart

Two competing natures are at war within me: the Authoritarian Taskmaster (Taskmistress??) and the Bleeding Heart Softy. The field of battle is the classroom and excused absences. The class as a whole has a policy of two free absences, then it starts to really hurt your grade. So far so good. A doctor’s note explaining how you were deathly ill can get you a free-miss on top of the two, if you make up the work. Alright, I’m okay with that (despite the Taskmistress in me shouting “Too bad, don’t get sick!”).

But the University is gearing up for a major epidemic of swine flu (not because we already have one, but because undergrads are dirty). One of the preparations they have in place? Telling us we can’t expect doctor’s notes when students are sick because our health center won’t be able to handle the volume of ill students, and so we should tell our students to self-isolate in their rooms until 24 hours after any fever goes away and allow plenty of absences.

The Bleeding Heart Softy is saying: The poor little monkeys are getting sick, they should stay in bed!

The Authoritarian Taskmistress is saying: Man up and do your work! No excuses! Ancient History cannot be missed!

The rest of me is saying: Good God, stay away from ME if you are sick!

I’m thinking the Rest of Me is going to win on this one. As much as I like to be a hard-ass, I really, really, really don’t want swine flu.

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One Response to Taskmaster v. Bleeding Heart

  1. GardenGal says:

    at my job, we say that there is no such thing as excused vs. unexcused. if you're not here, you're not here. so you know what? you tell your students that their two free absences are theirs to use, but use wisely, because swine flu's a-coming. swine flu can't possibly stay contagious for more than two classes, right?

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