And the Granite of NH, in His Muscles and His Brain!

ScalpelJock successfully replaced SuperB’s ACL for the 4th time on his right knee. ScalpelJock told us he made new screw holes in SuperB’s granite-like bones (*breaking* two screws in the process!). We inquired why he had used the old holes on the last surgery, if they weren’t in the right place. Turns out SuperB has been at this long enough for technology to improve! They can now get in at angles and do things they couldn’t do three years ago during the last replacement.

SuperB took the surgery like a champ, (I think he’s now out of NCAA eligibility and will have to go pro for any further work in this area), and is following all the doctor’s orders (crutches for 6 weeks, PT twice a week, eat home-made oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies etc.). ScalpelJock just could not get over how dense B’s bones are: “I pulled as hard as I could on those screws, I was grunting, ask anyone in the OR!” This just proves our alma mater’s song is a good fit: The granite of New Hampshire is in his muscles and his brain. And his bones. Let’s hope it’s also in his new ACL.

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