Step One

Step One to Passing Orals: get the themes around which your reading lists are organized approved by the profs in question. check.

Most of my lists were not very difficult to decide upon, but the one for Maverick has been hanging over my head and causing me much stress and anxiety. This was partially because it matters the most since he’s my adviser, and partially because he’s the hardest of my committee members to please (a winning combination). Thus it was with much trepidation that I knocked on his office door this afternoon and presented my ideas for themes: 1) the Carolingians, 2) Christianization and Kingship, and 3) Monasticism, Education and Writing.

Much to my surprise, he was enthusiastic. How odd. Then in typical Maverick fashion he proceeded to rattle off a huge list of bibliography which I frantically scribbled down. I am taking a break in decoding my scribbles and searching the library catalogue for the results to bask in the excitement of orals. Before the reality of all those German monographs comes crashing in.

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