Can’t They See I’m Handicapped!

So my recovery is going fairly well. I am ten days out of my knee surgery (full patella-graft ACL reconstruction), and I am so happy that I can finally get my bandages off when K drives me down to PT today. I have mostly been lying on my back with my leg in the CPM machine (bends and unbends your leg), but I did have to go down to campus last Thursday via public transportation.

I can’t believe how unhelpful people are when someone is on crutches. I remember this now from my last surgery as well. When they see you board the train, do they offer their seat (by law for handicapped and elderly!) when they see you? No. They decide to pretend that they never noticed you in the first place. Good thing I haven’t been shy in demanding my legal rights. Also, people seem to have no qualms pushing by you to board or using the elevator in the BART stations (most notably Millbrae) without seeing if there is anyone who may actually need it and so not miss their connection. I can’t wait until I can drive again and actually use the system: I have a handicapped placard until December.

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3 Responses to Can’t They See I’m Handicapped!

  1. Pa Torg says:

    Haven't spent as much time handicapped, but that is certainly what it is like having kids in a stroller. Getting on and off trains is the worst. Then I sit the whole ride thinking up spiteful things to say to put them in their place … which I don't really want my kids to witness. Have you tried just swinging your crutches around wildly?

  2. K says:

    I think he should just yowl loudly, "My God! My knee!!"

  3. u says:

    hit them with your crutches. Accidentally, of course. Or drop your bag on them, spill your water bottle, step on their feet . . . . Accidentally. Of course.

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