Stormy Weather (or: K is Pissed)

I am mad as hell. And so I am going to rant about it, even though my wrists are sore from taking the World’s Stupidest Effing Survey from my insulin pump company. This company owes me two boxes of infusion sets (which they promised would arrive three weeks ago, after I waited a month and a half). While that makes me mad, very mad, it doesn’t, by itself make me mad enough to rant on my blog about them. After the last phone call 6 weeks ago (when they tried to claim that I had sent back only one box of the structurally unsound infusion sets they had recalled, instead of four), I was irritated, but not irate. After all, who cares that their stupid mistake had caused my blood sugar to dip dangerously low due to the change in altitude while flying, making my pump deliver too much insulin without knowing it because they used the wrong lubricant on the infusion set? Clearly not me. Tonight was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Who is the camel? I am.

Part of the deal I got when I switched pumps so I could get a continuous glucose monitor was that I would take 4 surveys over the course of a year. So far, so good. I took the first one, and while it was long and not that well designed (the perils of living with a PhD in quant. marketing–I now notice stuff like that), it wasn’t difficult. Tonight I got the second one. I thought, ick, a boring survey, but I do like checking boxes, so even though my wrists are a little sore, I’ll get this 45 minute survey done with. After all, I don’t want them to charge me $200 for not taking it!

45 minutes later, after checking all the boxes, adding comments where needed, I clicked “submit”. Ta-da! Wait… ta-da? Please ta-da? Why the hell no ta-da!? I answered every question (I’ve gone back and checked 4 times, line by line), but the stupid effing survey doesn’t think so, and so it won’t let me submit it. This Makes Me Mad. It is Stupid and Inefficient. I Hate things that are Stupid and Inefficient and Waste My Time. I think the thing that really pushed me over the edge though was that in the survey they asked us to check all the adjectives that we thought applied to our pump. Here is a sample: elegant, sleek, prestigious, innovative, sporty. Here are the adjectives *I* would pick: awkward, out-dated, embarrassing, and ugly. Insulin pumps (all insulin pumps) look like cell phones from the early nineties. (Which raises the question of why these companies haven’t gotten Apple to make them an iPump yet. I’d buy it.) At any rate, all this is to say that I DO NOT want to take the survey again, but I HAVE TO, or I will get charged $200. I hate them and the site that hosts the survey (wrinkledog. what kind of a name is that?!?!)

I can be a good grad student (sort of, there are some papers hanging over my head), I can be a good wife and care-taker while B is on crutches from knee surgery, and I can be a good teacher to my undergrads. I can even keep the house kind of clean, laundry washed and folded, food on the table and the dishes mostly done (thanks B, for helping out with that last–dishes on one leg, it could be a circus act!). But that leaves me almost no time for self-care, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t leave me effing time to call the effing pump company about infusion sets they owe me, and idiotic surveys that take an hour to fill out and then don’t submit!!!! I hate them. (On a slightly funnier note, when I was putting in the tags for this post I almost wrote “pimp” instead of “pump”).

Addendum: B checked my answers, and I did fill everything out. He then helped me fill it out anew, and it still didn’t work. So now we’ve filled it out twice. Must be the coders. I hope they all get fired, and perhaps flogged.

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