Shan’t, Can’t, Won’t… (unless I want to)

While the title of this post is what HerMajesty used to tell her nurse as a little girl, I am currently repeating it while staring balefully at the stack of undergrad papers I’m grading. I am well over half-way through. Which explains the baleful look. Before I start grading, I can blissfully pretend that my students *all* proof-read their papers, *all* made sure they knew what words meant before using them, and *all* had an argument around which they structured their papers. Silly, silly, naive, desperately-hopeful K…

I think the refrain will have to change to: Shan’t, Can’t, Won’t. . . (unless I am going to get a stack of 40 midterms to grade on Tuesday, and so have to be done by then). I will keep you posted about how many of my students this term call me a “vocabulary nazi” on my evaluations, as each paper is covered liberally in ink.

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4 Responses to Shan’t, Can’t, Won’t… (unless I want to)

  1. B says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. B says:

    At least you don't have a student complaining they don't have time to do a 2-hour assignment they have had over a week to do, but then have time to create and get people to sign up to a facebook group whose name is essentially "give us more time on the assignment".

  3. K says:

    Only because undergrads aren't as organized as MBAs… (the deleted comment was B, trying to edit his comment).

  4. shtina25 says:

    Are you at least civil and use a pleasant colored ink pen (my favorite grading pen being green) or are your comments in merciless red?? 🙂

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