Wait! Mr. Postman…

I like our postman, I really do. However, when I am running late to teach, and I don’t have time for breakfast at home (the joys of having to wait an hour after taking thyroid medicine to eat…) and I have not had any caffeine… the result is an unintended insult to Mr. Postman.

A couple of days ago (I am not going to be more specific, in case the US Postal Service is monitoring blogs for admissions of guilt), I ate an apple on my way to BART (clever readers may now be able to guess where this is going…) Being a law-abiding citizen, I wrapped the apple core in a paper towel and carried it along with me for the rest of my walk to BART and a public trash can. I merrily pranced up the to big blue mailbox, opened the slot, dropped in my paper-wrapped apple core, let the slot shut, then placed both my hands over my mouth in consternation and exclaimed, “Oh no!”

I then proceeded to stare at the mailbox with a frown for a minute while I tried to figure out how to get said apple core out of there. Then I spent another minute trying to decide if I ought to write a note of apology and drop that in there as well, before realizing I was about to miss my train and dashing off, feeling like a brigand. (B claims I just miss SmallHeadedAnimal, and so was trying to enter her world for a bit…)

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1 Response to Wait! Mr. Postman…

  1. GardenGal says:

    Aren't thyroid meds the best?? Try adding morning sickness on top of them, knowing the only thing that'll make you feel better is eating, but that's an hour away!I was in fact reminded of the stories I've heard. Shorts in the mailbox, right?

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