Gerundive, expressing "ought"

I *ought* to be brushing my hair and getting the water out of my ears with a Q-Tip, or at least figuring out the rest of my outfit for today, and applying leave-in conditioner to my hair. Instead, I had to write a quick entry about a wonderful Sunday…

Last Sunday B and I went to church with some friends. Pa Torg, ArgumentMemo and PotsAndRocks asked us to go with them to St. Joseph of Arimathea, which we happily did (I’m a sucker for Anglican liturgy and incense, what can I say?). My favorite part of the expedition?? The altar boys. Altar boys in long red robes with short white robes over top (very reminiscent of the Jeeves and Wooster episode, “The Purity of the Turf”). Who were these altar boys, you ask? The men’s heavyweight crew team. That’s right. Heavyweights, all B’s size (I kid you not), in their altar boy outfits.

I never considered how handy having giant altar boys might be, until the bishop got up to give the sermon. The bishop is older than dirt (or should I say Methuselah, since we’re discussing a bishop here?) and he can’t stand for a whole sermon. So the altar boys trotted over, picked up his chair/throne and deposited it in full view of the congregation. I was expecting one of them to throw the Bish over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry at any moment… The only problem with heavyweights cum altar boys is that when we stand for hymns, the only thing the congregation sees is a wall of red and white. Thoroughly delightful. Now want B to be an altar boy. I think he’d look very fetching.

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