Too Full to Blog

Thanksgiving was a resounding success (and yes, I do say it myself). We had lots of fun with the Torgs and Barry’sTea and Actuary. We ate (with only brief pauses for drinking and laughing) from 3 until 9pm. If that isn’t a successful Thanksgiving, I don’t know what is. B outdid himself with the turkey again (pics to follow), and I was able to indulge in my love affair with Pepperidge Farm stuffing. I’m still a little too full to think very clearly, or post a coherent account of the evening, but rest assured that we did our Thanksgiving tradition (of one year) proud and think hosting Thanksgiving is great fun. So come on over next year. We are very lucky to have such dear friends.

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2 Responses to Too Full to Blog

  1. Pa Torg says:

    Likewise! Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Bunny for moving mountains (or at least a couple of bicycles and doing a lot of very fine cooking) to host a very fine Thanksgiving and for graciously including our troupe. "Glorious" is the word that keeps coming to mind.

  2. Ma Torg says:

    Are you STILL too full?I miss your stories. )o:

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