We’re Famous!

And by “we”, I don’t mean B and myself. I mean me, MaTorg, MaTorg’s friend Typo, and MiniMedievalist. MaTorg had the brilliant idea of combining two of our favorite activities: knitting and drinking at pubs. I know! She’s a brilliant woman who deserves a medal of some sort. Accordingly, we hied ourselves off to Triple Rock Pub and staked out a table, ordered our hard cider and beer, and began to knit.

Then the paparrazzi showed up. We were apparently a scary group of knitters (you know, four young women who have to be carded–terribly intimidating), so the entire wait staff screwed their courage to the sticking point en masse and came over to ooh, aah and make a fuss. One waiter asked if we’d knit him a jumpsuit. We promised to deliver a jumpsuit in return for free beer. A waitress asked if she could take our picture “for the blogosphere”, while sundry other waiters exclaimed how “awesome” and “totally great” it was that we were “knitting at our pub!!” I began to wonder if maybe knitting had recently been outlawed on pain of death and we were leading the rebel alliance in a subversive act of sticking it to the Man…

After everyone had calmed down and realized we were not going to start waving our knitting wands to grant three wishes, we continued our knitting in peace. I learned one very important lesson: do not bring a complicated project involving counting, fingering weight yarn in a dark color, and lace when you are going to be drinking (especially if you are ahead of the other knitters by a beer because you held a Latin translation group at the same pub immediately before the knitting group…) No major disasters resulted, but it was a close run thing. Next time (when I think we might go out for cocktails at the Claremont), I am bringing a project that involves no counting, no lace, and in a heavier yarn that is easy to see.

Only one problem remains to mar the bright future of our knitting group: what to call ourselves. There’s the good old fashioned “Stitch ‘n Bitch”, but we’re not really doing any patterns out of that book, and besides, that’s soooo 2001. My current favorite is “Knit Faced”; short, evocative, makes me giggle… “Purls in Pubs”? “Stitch ‘n Sip”? (plagiarized)… Feel free to give me your suggestions. Nothing is quite as much fun as having a great name. Also, if you want to be included in the next outing (only requirement is that you knit/crochet or want to learn to do so), let me know–just keep in mind you might be asked by 6’3″ waiters for knit jumpsuits…

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1 Response to We’re Famous!

  1. GardenGal says:

    I may have to move out west. I'm so excited, and I can't even go!I vote Knit-Faced.I'm also passing this along to my mother, who has contemplated starting/joining a knitting group.

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