Dear Special Snowflake

Dear Special Snowflake:

I appreciate that your parents told you you were very very special and smart from birth onwards. I understand that because you attend _____, you think you are the cleverest little boy in California. However, I will not be raising your paper grade because you abused the English language abominably, and did not use any form of logic in constructing what you appeared to think was an argument. For example: “She sent her husband on inane and often murderous quests to prove his kingship.”

1) not true, (even if you change “inane” to “insane”)
2) poor grammar
3) you are the same Special Snowflake who told me that you didn’t think I would give you a bad grade for abusing the English language on your previous paper, because: “TAs don’t usually grade down for what they don’t understand.” Sadly for your grade, I understood then, and I understand now.

So I regret to inform you that your paper grade will be remaining low. I look forward to grading your final on Friday.

Happy Holidays,
Your TA

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1 Response to Dear Special Snowflake

  1. shtina25 says:

    Oh I wish that paper was actually about "inane" quests, like the Tale of King Otto's Weekly Deer Hunt!

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