More Guilty Admissions

Before any of you dear readers of our blog remain our dear readers, there’s something you should know about us. We like veal. That’s right. I said it. B and I like veal. We were just at Le P’tit Laurent for dinner and had the braised veal short ribs. You have never had meat and potatoes like this. Honestly. It was so good that I will publically admit that veal is tasty goodness.

Just thought you ought to know, in case you can’t be our friend any more.

(Speaking of dear readers, I thought it was confined to just hapless friends and family, but I think we actually have a reader neither of us know! shtina25, whoever you are, thanks for reading–why ever you do it. (Note within note: if shtina25 is a dear friend who I should be able to identify from their sobriquet, I apologize. Do let me know…))

All the best, B and K, proud members of MEAT (Mankind Eating Animals Together).

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2 Responses to More Guilty Admissions

  1. Sandra says:

    i'm not a big fan of veal, but…[whispers] I love foie gras [dodges flying rotten tomatoes]

  2. K says:

    Me too!!! It's sooo delicious. Poor geese. But still. YUM.

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